The Top B2b Companies in the World

The Top B2b Companies in the World

First of all, a b2b business means business to business. This involves two companies which have no consumer end. The b2b relationship has been there for a long time, but recently, technology has enabled people to access the same b2b using the internet and through online platforms. This involves buying goods without necessarily having to go to where they are sold. Such type of business has been boosted by companies like Alibaba and people no longer have to travel to buy goods. Here are some of the top b2b platforms in the world.

Alibaba B2b Platform

Just like Bitcoin is the father of all cryptocurrencies, Alibaba is the giant in this sector. Based in China, Alibaba has continuously grown and boosted sales all over the world. Through their website, businesses and companies can access other companies to connect consumers. I remember Chinese movie collections mostly came with an Alibaba brand. It contains various features like online payment services and storage enabling business conduct everything online. It is a top b2b platform.

Global Sources B2b Platform

Based in Singapore, global source enables Asian traders to form partnerships with other parts of the country. Most of the Asian traders are Singapore people and the Chinese. Having an online storage system is very important especially when you are handling a directory of millions of people. The people of Asia have been able to trade with countries of the west thanks to this top b2b platform. No more hustling for travel permissions and visas. You can shop from your home.

The eWorldTrade B2b Platform

This platform has headquarters in USA and operation centre miles away in Pakistan. It was formed just the other day but has gained a fair amount of traders from America and Asia and the Middle East. The biggest idea behind the formation of the platform was to help Chinese suppliers connect with US citizens who are the potential buyers of their goods. It has yielded fruits and is working very well making it one of the most famous b2b platform examples in the world.


If you were asking how products from far away from can reach you, I think you have got an answer. Through these top b2b platforms, businesses can connect with each other. Forget about travel expenses and shop online at whole or retail prices. B2c platforms have measures in place to ensure that you buy safely and have goods delivered without leaving your country.

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