Distinguishing Factors between B2b and B2c Platforms

Distinguishing Factors between B2b and B2c Platforms

There are a few differences if you look at b2b and b2c platforms. A b2b platform means business to business platform for example Alibaba. A b2c platform, on the other hand, is business to a consumer like Amazon. These are famous sites where people do business without knowing each other in real life, but they do business smoothly, thanks to the reliable online platforms. People are connected through such platforms, but there is a difference between the two. The parties involved are different. Here are the distinguishing factors.

Payment Issues

When it comes to payment, b2b and b2c are very different. B2c means all the direct consumers will consume your goods at the same price without discrimination. For example, if you are buying a shoe from Amazon, the price you pay is the same as that of another person who wants the same shoe. For b2b platforms, prices vary for the same goods but different customers. If a business orders 30 pairs of shoes, there are various prices which could apply as well as payment methods. The business works with invoices. This should help you answer the; what are a b2b platforms question.

E-commerce Structure of Business

B2c platforms have a simple web layout which is for consumer use only. The process is, and it only involves a consumer browsing for the desired product, choose and pay for them then they will be delivered to their premises. The only relatively complex thing is recording customer details which will require a server. For b2b platform, there is need of a complex system which should record the number of transactions happening as well as the customer growth. It entails a lot of information which is essential to run the e-commerce site efficiently. Hope to now you can see what a b2b platform is.

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In b2b, there are salespeople tasked with working and assisting customers. This factor is not found in b2c, and it’s the business owner who sells their products to the consumers. However, most people who shop online are not even interested in salespeople because there are catalogues and other information available to explain the prices and shipping of different products in both e-commerce platforms.


Thanks to the advanced human mind, people can now sell and buy through websites and b2b platforms. Using platforms like Shopify, B2B business is boosted. Careers have been created, and empires built through these platforms and come with many success stories to inspire people. As long as you follow the rules of buying or selling, you will find success in both b2c and b2b platforms.

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