Top B2B Platforms and Ecommerce Solutions for Canadian Businesses

Looking for the best b2b ecommerce solution for your business in Canada? Look no further and consider these top b2b platforms!

 Where do Canadians purchase online?

According to one research, they either shop at their favorite shop Sephora.ca, from a marketplace such as Amazon.ca or direct from a certain brand’s website. So, why would Canadians shop from ecommerce platforms or marketplaces?

There are few reasons - competitive pricing, established trust, large product selection, and easy ordering.

For Canadian b2b ecommerce businesses, selling on b2b platforms and marketplaces and provide access to more potential shoppers without having to spend their budget on promotions and marketing.

Regardless of whether you are a well-established business or a start-up, finding and choosing the best b2b ecommerce platform is super important.

 Having an ecommerce site has become a necessity and a non-negotiable part of running a b2b business. The benefits this industry offers are huge:

  • Higher average order value
  • A larger number of b2b buyers
  • Digital customer service
  • Dynamic pricing for each particular client
  • Direct integration with b2b wholesale system
  • Increased amount of sales channels
  • Improved brand awareness

 Choosing a top b2b platform is important as once you have chosen a wrong one, you have invested your time and money into something you can’t really use. The storefront will not help you accomplish your goals but create a new obstacle on your way to success. There are a few things you need to keep in mind when choosing a b2b solution for your business - responsive design, ease of use, customization capabilities, reasonable prices, advanced ecommerce functionality, and etc. There are a few important features you need to pay attention to when choosing your b2b ecommerce platform:

  • High level of scalability
  • Payment options
  • Functionality for self-service
  • Custom pricing
  • PCI security
  • Cross-sells and upsells
  • Mobile commerce
  • Integration upfront
  • Wish list
  • Search-engine visibility


Here are some of the best b2b ecommerce solutions that stand out from the crowd and can help your Canadian business grow:

  • Opencart - This platform has a really stylish appearance and looks very professional. It is easy and simple to set up and offers plenty of responsive designs and templates. Once you will decide to use this platform and install the Opencart b2b marketplace module, it will automatically turn your e-store into a modern and advanced b2b marketplace. You will get a site where your company will interact with other businesses. Some of the main features of Opencart are catalog module configuration, allowing clients to add simple and downloadable products, arranging of child groups with specific parent group rights, direct communication between customers and admins, separate dashboard for a seller for managing orders, statistics on seller’s income, latest order, total buyers, total order, and etc.

  • Shopify Plus - Adidas, Tesla, Citizen are the most popular brands that are using Shopify Plus and we all know how successfully they have conquered the b2b business. Shopify is one of the most popular ecommerce platforms and powers almost a million online shops. Some of the main features of Shopify Plus are dedicated storefronts for international ecommerce, 20 sales channels integrated directly into your merchant dashboard, integration with Avalara for automated taxation, advanced custom pricing capabilities, powerful platform that can manage up to 8000 orders per minute, SSL certificate, and etc.

  • WooCommerce - This is the best ecommerce WordPress plugin. To manage your own store on WordPress is super easy. There are different themes and plugins, maintenance and hosting services, as well as, performance optimization for this shopping solution. When it comes to b2b online commerce, this platform will give you the following functionality wholesale-friendly layout, confidential information secured, increase conversion rates, and high level of scalability.

Consider these b2b platforms and choose the one that will become your helper on the way to business success.