There Are Other Rivers

Alastair Humphreys


Bawdy Zebra has produced three fantastic versions of Alastair Humphrey's There Are Other Rivers, an iPad version, a PDF version and an iPhone version. The iPad and PDF versions include more than 80 full page, full colour photos as well as the full text of Alastair's exceptional book. The iPhone version contains the full text of the book.

To check out a PDF of the first three chapters for free click here.

After you've downloaded the free sample, and loved it, click the button to the left to buy a PDF of the full thing. The PDF will work on all compatible devices. If you have an iPad or an iPhone, click the relevant button to the left to go to the iBookstore where you can download the first three chapters straight to your device and also purchase the full book.

The iPad and PDF cost £4.99 and the iPhone edition costs £2.49.

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The Blurb

Alastair Humphreys walked across India, from the Coromandel Coast to the Malabar Coast, following the course of a holy river. Walking alone and spending the nights sleeping under the stars, in the homes of welcoming strangers or in small towns and villages, he experienced the dusty enchantment of ordinary, real India on the smallest of budgets.

There Are Other Rivers tells the story of the walk through an account of a single day as well as reflecting on the allure of difficult journeys and the eternal appeal of the open road.


Nominated for National Geographic’s ‘Adventurer of the Year’


Reviews for previous books:

“Believe me, he can write, and rather well” - Geographical

“...displays a tendency for Big Hairy Audacious Goals that is almost unnerving.”

on Amazon:

“This book has it all: it’s a great travel read, a look into the human soul and how most people, given enough determination, could attempt something like this.”

“No expensive equipment or ‘fastest, strongest, quickest’; just a brilliant, understated story.”

“Simply outstanding.”

“If you prefer the comfort of your armchair these books will still stir your imagination and curiosity for the world.”

“An absolute must-read or any passionate traveller.”


on GoodReads:

“Wow... another great book by Alastair Humphreys.”

“One of the best adventure travel books I’ve read.”